Ferro Titanium

Fe-Ti is produced in two grades containing titanium in the range of 30 % to 35 % and 65 % to 75. %
This alloy is used for the production of construction and stainless steels, and welding electrodes.
Fe-Ti when added to steel, increases yield strength of steel and reduces its cracking tendency. In the production of stainless steel with a high chrome and nickel content, Fe-Ti is used to bond the Sulphur.

Fe-Ti is produced from various raw materials such as titanium scrap, ilmenite sand, rutile, and titanium sponge. The reduction is normally carried out by the metallo-thermic process since the carbo-thermic reduction produces a ferroalloy which contains too much carbon and hence not of much use in steelmaking. The production takes place as a batch process in a refractory lined crucible or in an electric furnace, depending on the process variation.


Specification Ferro Titanium Ti > 75% - C < 0.4%
Size 10-60mm(Min.90%)
C Max 0.4%
S Max 0.03%
Si Max 0.63%
P Max 0.04%
Ti 75%
Al Max 4%