Ferro Silicon Magnesium 1-5 mm

Ferro Silicon Magnesium 1-5 mm: An Essential Alloy for Steelmaking

Ferro silicon magnesium (FeSiMg) is a versatile alloy widely used in the steelmaking industry. It is composed of iron, silicon, and magnesium, with the magnesium content typically ranging between 1% and 5%. FeSiMg plays a crucial role in improving the properties and quality of steel.

Khorshid Alyazh: A Leading Producer of FeSiMg 1-5 mm

Khorshid Alyazh, a prominent Iranian company, is a leading producer of high-quality ferro silicon magnesium 1-5 mm. The company has established itself as a reliable supplier, catering to the needs of steelmakers worldwide.

Khorshid Alyazh’s Production Process

Khorshid Alyazh utilizes advanced technology to produce ferro silicon magnesium 1-5 mm in compliance with international standards. The production process involves:

  • Raw Material Sourcing: Khorshid Alyazh sources high-grade iron ore, silica, and magnesium from reputable suppliers around the world.
  • Electric Arc Furnace Smelting: The raw materials are smelted in electric arc furnaces, generating molten ferro silicon magnesium.
  • Tapping and Casting: The molten alloy is tapped from the furnace and cast into various shapes and sizes, including granules with a size range of 1-5 mm.
Ferro Silicon Magnesium 1-5 mm

Applications of Ferro Silicon Magnesium 1-5 mm

FeSiMg 1-5 mm finds widespread use in the steel industry, primarily for the following purposes:

  • Deoxidation and Desulfurization: FeSiMg is added to molten steel to remove oxygen and sulfur, improving the steel’s quality and reducing the formation of inclusions.
  • Alloying: FeSiMg is used as an alloying agent to enhance the strength, toughness, and machinability of steel.
  • Grain Refinement: The magnesium content in FeSiMg promotes grain refinement in steel, resulting in a finer and more homogeneous microstructure.

Advantages of Khorshid Alyazh’s FeSiMg 1-5 mm

Khorshid Alyazh’s FeSiMg 1-5 mm offers several advantages to steelmakers:

  • Consistent Quality: The company’s rigorous quality control measures ensure the consistent quality and composition of its products.
  • Optimal Size Range: The 1-5 mm granule size is ideal for efficient handling and addition to molten steel.
  • High Purity: Khorshid Alyazh’s FeSiMg 1-5 mm has a high purity level, minimizing the introduction of impurities into the steel.


Ferro silicon magnesium 1-5 mm is a critical alloy in the steelmaking industry, and Khorshid Alyazh is a leading producer of this essential material. The company’s commitment to quality, advanced production facilities, and customer-centric approach have made it a trusted partner for steelmakers worldwide. Khorshid Alyazh’s FeSiMg 1-5 mm contributes to the production of high-quality steel, which is used in a wide range of applications, from construction to automotive and aerospace.


Khorshid Alyazh


Sepecification Ferro Silicon Magnesium Mg > 6%
Size 1-5mm
Ca 1/14%
Mg 6/63%
Si 43/41%
Al 1/04%