Ferro Niobium

Fe-Nb is a niobium-based ferroalloy which improves the corrosion resistance and weldability of steel and prevents the inter-crystalline corrosion of stainless chrome nickel steel. Fe-Nb contains niobium in range of 60 % to 70 %.

Fe-Nb is used as alloying additive in heat resistant and stainless steels to improve their corrosion resistance, plasticity and welding properties. Fe-Nb addition to construction steels prevents welded joint from corrosion. It is also used for micro alloying in high strength low alloy steels. It is used in specialty alloyed steels. Vacuum grade Fe-Nb is used for super alloys additions in turbine blade applications in jet engines and land-based turbines, inconel family of alloys, and super alloys for the aerospace industry.

The raw materials needed to produce Fe-Nb are ores and concentrates which contain niobium and iron oxide. Basic raw material for producing ferro niobium is pyrochlore ore. From this ore niobium penta oxide (Nb2O5) is produced. Nb2O5 is mixed with iron oxide and aluminum and is then reduced by alumino-thermic reaction to produce ferro niobium.


Size 10-60mm(Min.90%)
C Max 0.1%
S Max 0.1%
Si Max 3%
P Max 0.1%
Mn Max 1%
Nb Min 60%
Ta Max 3%
Al Max 2%