Ferro Niobium

Ferro Niobium


Ferro Niobium Production at “Khorshid Alyazh” Company

Ferro niobium is a valuable alloying element used in the production of high-strength and corrosion-resistant steels, particularly in the aerospace, automotive, and energy industries. “Khorshid Alyazh” is a leading manufacturer of Fe-Nb in Iran, producing high-quality products for both domestic and international markets.

Production Process

The production of ferro niobium at “Khorshid Alyazh” involves the following steps:

  • Raw Material Preparation: Niobium-bearing materials, such as niobium pentoxide (Nb2O5) or niobium scrap, are sourced and prepared for processing.
  • Smelting: The prepared materials are smelted in an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. This process reduces the niobium oxides to elemental niobium, which forms an alloy with iron present in the furnace.
  • Refining: The resulting Fe-Nb alloy is refined through a series of processes, including slag removal, vacuum degassing, and filtration, to remove impurities and obtain a high-purity alloy.
  • Casting: The refined Fe-Nb is cast into various shapes and sizes, such as ingots, granules, and powders, to meet specific customer requirements.
Ferro Niobium

“Khorshid Alyazh” Advantage

“Khorshid Alyazh” has several advantages that make it a preferred supplier of ferro niobium:

  • High Quality: The company adheres to strict quality control standards, ensuring the production of ferro niobium with consistently high purity and low levels of impurities.
  • Modern Facility: “Khorshid Alyazh” operates a state-of-the-art production facility equipped with advanced technology and equipment, enabling efficient and environmentally sustainable production.
  • Experience: With years of experience in the industry, “Khorshid Alyazh” has developed expertise in the production and supply of ferro niobium, catering to the specific needs of various customers.
  • Customer Focus: The company prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing customized solutions, technical support, and timely deliveries.


Ferro niobium produced by “Khorshid Alyazh” is widely used in the following applications:

  • Steel Production: As an alloying element in high-strength steels, stainless steels, and other high-performance steels to improve strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance.
  • Aerospace Industry: In the production of aircraft engines, airframes, and other critical aerospace components.
  • Automotive Industry: In the production of automotive parts, such as crankshafts, camshafts, and gears, to enhance their durability and performance.
  • Energy Industry: In the production of components for nuclear reactors and other energy-related applications.


“Khorshid Alyazh” is a reliable and trusted supplier of high-quality ferro niobium, meeting the demands of both domestic and international customers. The company’s commitment to quality, modern facility, and customer focus make it a preferred choice for those seeking high-performance ferro niobium alloys.


Khorshid Alyazh


Size 10-60mm(Min.90%)
C Max 0.1%
S Max 0.1%
Si Max 3%
P Max 0.1%
Mn Max 1%
Nb Min 60%
Ta Max 3%
Al Max 2%