Sulphur Cored Wire

Cored Wire is a method in which a granule powder of different Elements is filled inside a mantle of stainless steel. The use of this coating allows the transfer of granule to the maximum possible depth in the melt bath. In summary, Cored Wire ability in the melt refining, increasing efficiency, reducing the time and costs of melting, and improve foundry capability are the most important benefits of using this product.

Applications :

Sulphur is often regarded as an impurity in steel, to be reduced to the limits of practicality. Nonetheless, steels that are to be machined require a certain minimum sulphur content for proper chip formation. It is used as an alloying adition to improve machinability.

Chemical Composition(% Weight)

S Min 99%
Acidity Max 0.07%
M Max 0.5%

Dimension Specification

Wire Diameter 13 +- 0.2 mm
Strip Steel Thickness 0.3 +- 0.03 mm
Avg power denisty 200- 10 gr/m
Powder size 0-2 mm
Type of axis Horizontal or Vertical
Total wire weight 1400 +- 50kg
Packing inner dia :600 outer dia :1200 height:1000
Wire length 4300 +- 100m