Metallurgical COKE

The characteristics of petroleum coke recarburizer:

  1. The particle size is moderate, the porosity is large, and the absorption speed is fast.
  2. The chemical composition is pure, high carbon, low sulfur, very little harmful components, and high absorption rate.
  3. The graphite crystal structure of the product is good, and the nucleation ability of the original molten iron is improved. Increase the number of ink balls in ductile iron during inoculation, and increase graphite nuclei in molten iron in electric furnace. Refine and homogenize the distribution of graphite in castings.
  4. Excellent and stable performance.


Size 1-5 mm
C 80%
Ash 11%
S Max 1/1%
P <1%
Moisture 8%
L.o.i 4%