Ferro phosphorus

Ferrophosphorus is a ferroalloy of iron and phosphorus. It contains high proportion of iron phosphides, Fe2P and Fe3P. The usual grades contain either 18 or 25% of phosphorus. It is a gray solid material with melting point between 1050-1100 °C. It may liberate phosphine in contact with water. Very fine powder can be combustible. Ferrophosphorus is used in metallurgy as a source of phosphorus for alloying, for deoxidizing the melt and for removal of unwanted compounds into slag.


ُSpecification Ferro phosphorus P 22-27% - C < 0.3%
Size 10-60mm(Min.90%)
C Max 0.3%
S Max 0.1%
Si Max 3%
Vm Max 1%
P 22-27%
Mn Max 3%